Inventor Information

With every invention idea you need an Invention Process to step each idea through to test the feasability, marketability, and protectability of your invention.

How to Evaluate your New Idea Invention

Follow these simple Invention Help steps to evaluate any  idea invention:
1. Complete a Recording of your Invention Ideas (i.e., document your ideas invention in writing)

2. Evaluate and document all possible alternate embodiments, useful materials, substitute components, and means of engineering around your idea.

3. Perform a thorough Patent Search/screemeing & Evaluation the protectability of your new invention idea. Perform a patent screening using your invention keywords.

4. Perform Product Research – Search the internet and trade publications for your product terms. For example, type in “toilet air filter” if that is the descriptive terms of your product as well as any relevant combinations of this term.

5. Valuate or estimate your inventions Commercial Viability and the market size.

6. Gather detailed contact information of all inventors and assignees (companiies) listed on any relevant patent or patent application found during your patent search

7. If you feel you must diclose your ideas to a third party prior to filing a patent application then disclose under a confidentiality agreement or non disclosure agreement (NDA Agreement).

8. Find a patent attorney

9. Schedule a meeting with your patent attorney (or teleconference)

10. Make copies of all documents (ROI, PS, Mkt./RS, pictures, and prior art) and prototypes

Inventor Start Kit™ a digital download of Inventor Assistance which teaches these steps and much more.

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